Saturday, November 24, 2012

black friday fun

Hi sweet friends.
Hope you enjoyed your
with your loved ones.
We had a fantastic FIRST thanksgiving as
and we have SO much to be thankful for! <3 
On to black friday...
and don't even get me started on stores being open thanksgiving. 
I have gone black friday shopping maybe 3 times in my 24 years..
and let me tell you, it was too much for me.
I tend to get overwhelmed pretty easy,
so I don't think I would survive.
With that being said,
I spent the entire day at HOME. (yay)
I did some online shopping, well kinda..
Mr. Mack & I decided that this year we were going to
get a fake christmas tree..that looked real, of course.
I had the privilege of picking it out, it took quite a few searches
but I think I nailed it...we shall see when it gets delivered.
And with the shopping being done,
I decided that I would get some crafting done of my checklist
 for our upcoming show:
(and if you live in the area, we would LOVE to see you)
..more on the show later, don't you worry.
but until then, mark your calendars for DECEMBER 7th. <3
Back to my friday:
So, I've been extra crafty lately..
.and I've had a slight obsession with garlands
(of ALL sorts)
I figured I'd give some a go..
here are a few snippets of garlands I made:

I've added all 3 of these to my etsy shop, just in case you were curious.
you can find them
Thanks so much for stopping by,
Hope you're have a fun kick off to the holiday season!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

fall at the Mack's

Hi friends!
I wanted to wish you all the BEST
Thanksgiving week ahead!
(i cant believe its already here..)
For a last hoo-rah of the season,
I wanted to show you
a little of how our
was decorated.

Thanks for stopping by!
enjoy time with your loves this week!
& take time to think about what you're thankful for. :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

christmas came early!

This blog post is about my lovely
Christmas present.
I'm sure you can relate to the excitement when a package arrives..
this was me to a T!
i was SO very excited when my package from etsy arrived in the mail!
Inside this sweet little package was this beaut:

I couldn't wait to get to use these.
And had the perfect project in mind...
only one thing:
[Mr. Mack had to help me.]
And sure enough, he did..with excitement!
(in some moments I'm sure he things I'm a little crazy)
Together, but mainly him,
we created some lovely little UP-CYCLED gifts!
 Some of our pieces are for sale in our etsy shop!
Feel free to check them out &
get your early Christmas shopping on! ;)
have a wonderful evening!

Friday, November 9, 2012

junkin' pumpkin tutorial

If I haven't made it clear by now...

I've attempted to make quite a few fall crafts this season.
[most of them were a success.]
I saw this craft on Pinterest, and thought it was a super fun idea!
I searched for a tutorial, but had no luck.

So, I figured I would make one and share it with you all.
quick note about the rings:
I found a box full of old canning rings at the economy store.
They were PERFECT! And I scored the box full of 25 for .59 cents!

roughly 20 canning lids
3 cinnamon sticks
burlap scrap
clear tape
make sure the are all facing the same direction
(snip your ends if you have excess) 
make sure to add a stem on your leaves so you have
something to attach to the cinnamon sticks
in a bundle & close to the bottom

also at the bottom
& TA DA! :)
This tutorial is easy as PIE (pumpkin, if I had to choose)
Hope you have success with all your fall crafting adventures!
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!