Tuesday, February 18, 2014

blue is ONE

holy moly!
it is SO hard to believe our sweet baby

it seems like yesterday we brought him home
at only just over five weeks old.

its been a year of firsts;
i think my favorite was witnessing his
he hated it then, but now every time we pass the lake he wants in!
hiking, swimming + fetch are a few of his favorite things.

this past year with him has been eventful to say the least..
he has certainly brought a different kind of love to our lives.
we are grateful to call him our boy.

here are some of our favorite moments of

birthdays around here are gold!
we celebrate hard for sure.
i made blue a pupcake + we belted out happy birthday
to make him feel extra special! :)
see the video here: BLUES 1ST BIRTHDAY
*oh & i made him a bowtie that he basically hated. haha..i tried! ;)
what a handsome pup!
here's to many more birthdays, buddy! <3

 hope you enjoyed all the moments we were able to share the past year!
check out more: #bluemack
have a great day! :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

valentines day [2014]

hello there my sweet friends!
it's that time of year again...
This "holiday" is one of my favorites.
I love sending snail mail & this is the glory day for that.
Receiving written love is really the best, too!
Here are some photos I snapped during this
festive, heart filled, love celebration!
Enjoy, lovies!
conversation hearts crack me up!
do people really say: SUP BABE?
who knows but I'm stealing it..XOXO
made some homemade sugar cookies with my 2 littlest kiddos
black clothing = not the best choice when using flour..
the end result <3
[not pictured: all the sprinkles everywhere else but the cookies]
this is my second year participating in lynsdey's #handmadeval.
it's super exciting mailing mine out,
but I especially love checking the mailbox for surprises!

I totally got spoiled this year with 4 awesome partners!
^^ here are what I sent out! ^^
I found those little strawberry hair clips &
knew I wanted to incorporate them somehow..
I think they turned out rather cute (+ of course #masonjarsforlife)
Also, I sent out some extra lovins to my pen pals,
because I LOVE THEM!
[shout out to my gals]
& then...on valentines day I was showered with LOTS OF LOVE
my friends Val + Jenny sure made my day with their sweet surprises for me! <3
I've been talking of making these heart leggings for ages,
so here they are & i love em! woo hoo for DIY! <3
[a few handmade gems- for bigs & littles]

+ of course, our house needed showered with hearts too!
here are my cuties, curled up before Adam left for the weekend.
they are perfect...
This seemed fitting for my man,
his initials <3 JAM <3
[i love him ALOT]
Hope you had a wonderful day with your valentine!
Just know..YOU ARE LOVED
I'll leave you with a throwback from
our first valentines day: 2010

Monday, February 3, 2014

mystery day date: lititz

happy monday!
hope you all had a super fun & exciting weekend! :)

if you know mr. mack at all he's super fun & sometimes sneaky...
this past weekend he planned a mystery day date for me us.
(these my friends are the best!)
even though i strongly dislike surprises; day trips even that out.

we slept in past 8, he made this awesome breakfast,
we cheered on our friend, jess, who ran a race passed our house,
eventually got ready & hit the road to adventure!

but first, he had to wash the jeep...

& I naturally had to take a selfie. #howwedo
our drive was filled with lots of chit chat,
and undivided attention.
(sorry Blue if you're reading this)


our destination was…

Adam & I have never been here together, 
and we had been talking of going for awhile.
This winter day was perfect;
it warmed up to almost 50* & it was super sunny!

our first stop was one of the most popular places:
(I may be biased but they are the best!)


next we hit up
for a late lunch.

this place was so quaint & cozy. <3

the food was INCREDIBLE!
If you are in Lititz, you must go here! promise?

then the rest of the afternoon we spent perusing the countless
tiny shops to find all sorts of hidden treasures.

(if you know me, you know:
for things I never new I needed until we crossed paths.)

(the curiosity shoppe was the cutest!)

(i want to live HERE!)

here are our treasures:
lace table cloth, linen tea towels, hearts hankie, wilbur buds, a canning book,
and a 1963 philadelphia paper after JFK was assassinated.

this day was SO MUCH FUN!
I recommend you plan a mystery date for you & someone you love.
It is so worth it & think of all the memories you will make.

Thankful for this fella. <3

Hope you have a great start to your week!