Monday, March 24, 2014

headbands for haven home

Hello & happy Monday!

I wanted to share something with you that's been on my heart lately.
As you might know, I'm a life group leader at my church for 11th grade girls.
This is my second year leading, though it had quite a few firsts...
This year two of my girls in my group came from a home,
"We are a Christ-centered home which teaches
Transitional Living Skills to At-Risk Teen Moms and their babies,
keeps these moms with their babies, and encourages positive self-worth."
their mission:
                                                       To educate and strengthen family
values by providing safe housing
and nurturing guidance to teen
moms and their children
Immediately, I felt a sense of responsibility.
These girls needed to know how much I cared for them.
More importantly, they needed to know God LOVES,
values, and desires a relationship with them.
I can't begin to tell you how many Wednesday nights
I would leave church with tears in my eyes & a heavy heart..
wanting to make a difference, but not really knowing how.
This home is right here in our York County community &
frankly, they need some help financially & with their facility.
They have the potential to make a HUGE impact
in the lives of these teenage girls and their children.
As leaders of our high schoolers, we decided to do something to make a difference.
You might've seen on my IG pictures of mason jars to be filled with change.

As a group, we are currently are collecting change--to make a change.
The money that is raised will be directly donated to them--
to pay their bills, home repairs, and to meet the needs of those they house.
And this Saturday our leaders & students will be working there:
building, cleaning, fixing & just going and doing what they need done.
My heart aches for these girls to know that they are valued.
And if somehow we can do things for them that
show they matter & where they are in this moment is truly a blessing.
Ever since we started this project;
I felt compelled to help in a different way.
Adam encouraged me to use the resources I already have.
That's when I realized I would make something--
So that brings me to the headbands

They are simple, versatile, comfortable, and best part:
the proceeds will help out a really great organization!
[click on photos to go directly to etsy]


They will be sold on our @mack_made instagram
& etsy site: dearmackmade
** $5.00 for every headband sold will be donated to Haven Home for Girls **

TOGETHER we can make positive things happen for people who really need it.

To donate directly to Haven Home go HERE

Thanks for taking the time to read & I'll be sure to keep you posted! :)

I encourage you to take a look around you
and see where you might be able to fill a need.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

weekend getaway: pittsburg

I love time spent away;
especially with my husband.
As of late, he's been working a lot...
& hasn't had an entire weekend off in what feels like months.
We decided to plan a mini getaway
since he had a weekend off coming up. YAY!
We wanted to go somewhere semi-close,
that we haven't gone to together.
Our list was narrowed down &
was it!
_____________________________________________________________________ we packed our bags & away we went!
through quite a few tunnels of love. ;)

we made it & our room was incredible!
it had an old features with a modern feel.
we stayed at the Omni-William Penn, right in the city.

our hotel was very old & very charming. <3

+ fancy rugs everywhere!

SO many places to eat, such little time to do so.
this was our first stop: PRIMANTI BROS.
a pittsburg favorite

in my opinion: the best sandwich in pitt!

 i absolutely loved this wall!
view of the sunset from:
the andy warhol bridge

good greif; i'm so lucky for him!

we discovered the Andy Warhol museum was free on friday nights in march!
what a score; so we spent a good chunk of our evening there. it was so interesting.
& conveniently they had a photo booth there! SCORE!
we stopped at pittsburg popcorn for an evening snack;
holy moly--popcorn is my jam & this was delicious!

 it was so beautiful walking back over the bridge at night.

top of the morning to ya...
what we didn't fully realize;
it was st. paddys weekend--
in a big city....
needless to say it got crazy as the day went on.
we started out the day with some bagels + coffee
while we waited for the parade to start.
as you can see even our treats were in on the shenanigans. ;)

& so it begins...
 just the sound of bagpipes brings a smile to my face!
these pups made me miss old blue at home.

i spy a leprechaun!

what a pretty pretty pony!

these old brick buildings were beautiful.
i love seeing all the old signs painted on them.
 we hit up: shadyside:
[a quaint little area about 15minutes from the city]
pinch patrol ;)
adam was in trouble..hah

we decided to drive up to the outlook... 

 boy, was it worth it!
what a view! (hubba-hubba)
we were so fortunate to have such nice weather friday & saturday!
our final stop was to oakmont bakery;
where we visited a friend of ours, Justin.
everything looked incredible!
& the treats we brought home were so worth the stop!
brought home some macaroons-how fitting they were green!
(had these for the first time & they are delicious!)

 lastly, our hotel room key was snatched up by b..
guess he's trying to tell us to never leave again.
or something like that?
these moments away are so valued.
they were not only refreshing for our relationship;
they are good for the soul, too!
thanks for taking the time to browse through some of our photos.
here's to another adventure hopefully again soon! <3