Tuesday, May 27, 2014

camping kickoff

is officially started in our book.
the kickoff always seems to be our first camping trip.
this weekend we packed up the jeep & went on an adventure.

our destination for the long weekend was
cowans gap,
near chambersburg, pa.
our 2+ hour drive was absolutely beautiful.
pa totally has perks in the beauty department.
my pilot wasnt bad to look at either ;)
we made it by early evening & started to unpack all of our gear.
our 2 person REI tent is super easy to set up + its extra cozy!
we quickly realized we had the best campsite in the whole park.

the rest of our camping crew was joining us the next day.
(a much needed night away for mr. mack & i)

dinner was of course: mountain pies! PIZZZAAA!
adam made a pact of only cooking on the fire all weekend.
(campfire food always has the best taste..i was on board!)
banana kodiak pancakes were the best saturday morning breakfast.

sunday breakfast: dippy eggs, sweet potato hash, & bacon!

sunday we spent the majority of the afternoon by the lake.
the weather was absolutely perfect & so was the company, too!

mr. mack picked me this little bunch of flowers from his hike.
these sweet little things make my heart smile. <3

we ventured out into town Saturday morning to pick up some goods &
stumbled upon this sweet open air farmers market!
how perfect!
friday night was about 30* in the tent.. BRRR..
adam & brooks up early on sunday morning
cheers with our hot campfire tea :)
soggy egg carton = take home eggs in a mason jar instead
man, time away with this guy is always the best.
good for my heart for sure.
we can't wait to visit this spot again!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

whole 20

hello there!

so if you have been following our whole30 journey, 
you know that we just passed the half way mark.
amazing right?!

well I'm going to break it down & be honest with you...

the bad news:
i slipped up on day 20 & had something that wasn't whole30 compliant.
i went to a wedding on a non-prepared empty stomach &
may or may not have had some champagne & cheese, if I'm being 100% honest...
I am owning that.

the good news:
i made it twenty days!

i realize its not the full 30, but I'm proud that I made it that long.
I'm not going to lie, I am disappointed to not make it through the round
..but regardless, I became aware of so much about myself.
it also really showed me how much i enjoy cooking; fresh foods!

20 days without processed foods, sugars, dairy, gluten...it really paid off for me.
I lost 10 pounds and 5% body fat. I'm pretty proud of that. :)

My new goals are:
*to push myself in my workouts 
*continue to eat healthy & whole
(I'm glad I had this mini jump start towards a better lifestyle.)
*to realize I'm beautiful & strong in my own skin

I want to say to my friends & whole30 pals,
thanks for all your kind words & encouragement.
It was really so fun to do this with you.
Best of luck as you finish your rounds. <3

Monday, May 12, 2014

halfway mark: #whole30

Hey guys!

I can't believe how fast the first half of our whole30 went!

The first week was huge for many reasons.
I'll be honest..lots of tough moments came, 
but thankfully they were shut down by willpower.
Learning how to say no thanks was a struggle.
But overcoming that was a huge victory &
making the phrase that come easier.

A highlight of the week was...
being re-posted by the @whole30 gang themselves!
with this picture:
576 likes= freaking out! :)

I mean why not make everything look
super pretty before you eat it, right?
I'm not alone here...

What else I've learned this week:
being prepared is crucial.
make or break, really.

Through week two, I've had much more energy..
fueling fun outdoor workouts with mr. mack!

I've also been experimenting more with foods,
making new combos, and loving how fresh everything tastes!

**first time I made cauliflower rice= SO amazing!!**

Also, made my own lemon + blueberry lärabars! Yummy!!!

one of my favorite parts:
i'm sleeping great + waking up on my own..
without the pesky alarm clock/snooze routine

my will power has truly been one of the biggest surprises!
thank goodness it finally showed up. ;)

To all the other folks doing the whole30 currently,
hope you are doing great on your plan too! <3